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Project RV1905

Private Residence for a family of four in Murcia, Spain.

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Project HV2002

Luxury Holiday Villa for a retired couple and their family of four in Lochau, Austria.

Project RV2001

Private Residence in Spain. Privacy and rawness was the main as requested by the clients.



Project RV2004

Private residence for a young couple in Kiti, Cyprus. Due to the complexity of the plot the clients requested the minimum footprint of the house.



Project RV2003

Private residence for a family of five in Cyprus.



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Project RV2101

Luxury Private Residence in Nicosia, Cyprus.

What we design, designs us back.


We think a lot about the psychology of spaces, the intention of architecture, the capacity to design dwellings that inform our inner world. 

You walk into a room, and you start feeling better and you don’t quite know why. Then you realize the lighting, the shapes, the lines, the shadows, everything about how we’ve installed, impregnated, mind and intention and agency into the physical form, shows us the ways in which architecture, in which design is really about the design of the inner spaces.

When you design the “without” you design the “within” and this is a wonderful idea.

We think architects don’t get celebrated enough in our society, because these are the the people that allow us to design cities, spaces and dwellings in which we unfold, and if anything, architects should work together with psychologists and with designers who understand the impact of shapes, shadows and forms upon human subjectivity.



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